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Our expertise in CAD/CAM software allows us to move from traditional methods based on drawings to
modern, computer based three-dimensional modeling and machining.
Pro E and Solidworks drawings with realistic finishing
Computer numerical Control Machining

3D and 2D CNC milling and CNC turning produced directly from 3D CAD data, DXF or 2D drawings.
The CNC turning department includes 30+ CNC ( from 2 axis to 4 axis) turning centers with sub-spindle and
live tooling capability. All materials can be accommodated from plastics and foams  to steel.  CNC machining is
a viable option for everything from prototypes to low-volume production. It enables one to use spec material
with production quality tolerance.  CNC machined parts are far superior to RP parts in accuracy, strength,
surface finish and material availability. CNC machined plastic parts are an excellent representation of a molded
production-like aesthetics and material properties. (ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, and polyurethane resin)
QDM : Quick Delivery Mold - Ideal for low volume production
-Aluminum - 1000 parts max.
-S. steel - 3000 parts max.
Blow molding - a manufacturing process by which hollow plastic parts are formed.
-Injection blow molding
-Stretch blow molding
Extrusion Molding -tubing
Sheet Metal Press mold
CNC Machining
Fully functioning industrial models produced quickly and cost effectively by our team of model makers and
engineers.  Utilize our comprehensive CNC and rapid prototyping facilities.  As an experienced provider of
rapid prototyping, we deliver excellent quality fully functional prototypes. Our  prototyping service staff uses a
mixture of traditional skills and the latest technology to produce prototypes and presentation models in a
wide range of materials from plastic through to most metals.  You can count on our experience and expertise
for all  prototyping
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Complete finishing with paint, artwork (logo and graphics), painting, vacuum metalizing, printing and
assembly of production run volume

(Nano silver mirro coating, priting, micro patterning and others)
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